Virtual Reality
Creation Studio
Videos, Apps, Robots

Our mission is to advance the medium of VR. We do this by creating compelling content and empowering storytellers to expand their creative potential to move their audiences.

Prosper VR is a virtual reality content creation studio and full service production company that specializes in robotics. We specialize in crafting and producing fresh content that generates attention.

We create cinematic VR, interactive VR (VR experiences & interactive immersive websites) as well as 360 video content for brands such as Google, Anheuser-Busch, Samsung, Red Bull, Nikon, MINI Cooper, Cushman & Wakefield and Disney.

Prosper VR is the first company to ever shut down the Hoover Dam for a virtual reality production. We captured the magnificence & scale of the Hoover Dam with Rovers & Drones.

Prosper VR's patented robotics products achieve the most stable moving 360 ground and aerial footage possible today.

Prosper VR created the first ever 360 video for Anheuser-Busch & Vayner Media. Prosper VR has also created the first ever 360 video and VR experience for Cushman & Wakefield.

Prosper VR specializes in creating content that makes an impact on audiences. For example, the “Dance with Kittens” 360 video and VR experience they created for the Humane Society generated over 6.4M organic views and over 90,000 shares with no ad spend.

Jessie Kim

Co-Founder and CEO

Jessie has conceptualized campaigns and produced content that engages millions. Jessie is currently mentoring NASA JPL on how to leverage virtual reality to tell great stories. She started her career at the Discovery Channel, where she formed partnerships with school districts to create digital classroom environments to engage students. Formerly the Chief Strategy Officer of Enplug, an operating system for interactive displays, she worked with international brands like Marriott, BMW, Toyota and Google to leverage cutting-edge interactive content. It was there she identified VR and AR as the next computing platforms and made the leap into virtual and mixed reality.

Tim Lambert

Co-Founder and CTO

A graduate of Cornell, Tim is multi-talented. On any given day you may find him building a robot, developing an interactive VR experience, or coaching a screen writer on how to write for the fresh medium of VR. He has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. From working at Spyglass Entertainment, to producing commercials, to managing screen writers, he’s a guru of storytelling. He created, which has the largest vault of Film and TV scripts circulating Hollywood, graded, scored, with loglines and synopses waiting to be discovered. After he sold SpecScout, he decided to jump into immersive mediums.

He invented the smoothest way to move a VR camera on the ground or in the air that doesn’t create VR sickness due to forced head turns, the patent-pending Rig Rover.

As a storytelling expert, he works with Jessie and partners to create compelling experiences.